Genetic mutation through sound.

Similar to music with its powerful hypnotic pulse, the Inhuman Genome project changes the state of your subconscious mind while leaving your conscious mind fully aware of your surroundings. On the surface, you will believe that you are simply listening to songs… and that’s exactly what you want, because that’s when the Inhuman Genome project’s technology does its work.

You may not notice much difference at first, but after only a few listens, you’ll find that your reflexes are much faster. Your body will be energized. Your mind will become much sharper. You’ll discover that you are more creative, intelligent, and intuitive than ever before–and this is only the beginning of the process.

Each “song” the Inhuman Genome project produces is designed for a specific genetic purpose. One may help cure insomnia; another may re-network the entire synaptic structure of your brain, leading to monumental inventions and discoveries.

Ultimately, your mind will determine which transmissions to absorb and which to discard, diminishing your weaknesses and bolstering your strengths.

Meanwhile, your conscious mind will experience pleasantly eerie soundscapes, melodies, textures, and strange harmonies passing across the screen of perception. If you had to choose a genre for this strange music, you might think for a moment to lump it in with film music, psychedelic music, rock, metal, electronic music, or soundscape. But as you continue to listen, you’ll discover it’s more than the sum of these things and nothing like any of them. And the more you listen, the more your enjoyment will grow.